Our Story

Technology Holding Company (THC), part of Ethmar International Holding (EIH), is right at the heart of Abu Dhabi, turning this vibrant city into a top destination for tech innovation. We founded the company with a mission to use technology to simplify daily life and make our overall digital experience more user-friendly and accessible.

THC was born with the awareness that most computers only use about 5% of their potential, but our purpose is to unlock much more. We strive to exceed expectations and lead the tech industry with solutions that shape a smarter, more connected world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the tech landscape by integrating cutting-edge technology with client-centric designs, focusing on creating solutions that revolutionize how technology is used in everyday life.

Our Vision

We aim to be a regional leader in technological advancement and digital solutions, committed to shaping a more connected and insightful community at the forefront of innovation.

Our Values


Embracing creativity and cutting-edge technology to lead industry transformation, while committing to the highest standards in every venture.

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Ensuring our technological solutions are accessible to a broad range of users catering to diverse needs and abilities.

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Developing solutions driven by client needs, ensuring tailor made and impactful outcomes.

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CEO Message

Friends, neighbors, entrepreneurs – everyone

Technology used to feel like a fancy toy kept behind glass boxes, accessible only to experts. We watched screens light up with possibilities, but it often felt like magic, far removed from our daily lives. That's not the world I believe in. At THC, we're all about bringing technology down to earth, making it your friend, your helper, your everyday companion.


Think back just a decade. Ordering food? A phone call, sweating over menus. Booking a taxi? Flags down, hoping for the best. Now, a tap on your phone brings a feast to your door or a ride in minutes. This magic isn't reserved for fancy apps or city lights. It's about empowering farmers in villages, students in classrooms, mothers juggling busy lives. It's about simplifying the complex, connecting the distant, and opening doors to opportunity.


That's why THC invests in companies with a spark, with a mission to make lives better through technology. We back the visionaries who bridge the gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots," who weave technology into the fabric of everyday life, making it as natural as breathing.


We're not chasing trends or fads. We're looking for genuine impact, for solutions that touch hearts and minds, households and businesses. Think healthcare that reaches remote villages, education that inspires every child, sustainable initiatives that heal our planet.


At THC, we believe technology is not just about gadgets and gizmos. It's about human connection, about empowering possibilities, about building a brighter future for all. Join us on this journey. Explore the innovations we support, share your ideas, and let's work together to make technology a force for good in every corner of this world.

Mohamed Al Dhaheri