At THC, our businesses represent more than diverse areas of operations. Each subsidiary reflects our commitment to innovation, precision, and excellence, catering to a global clientele.


SkyGo is at the forefront of revolutionizing drone technology’s integration and commercial application across various industries. Our comprehensive services offer cutting-edge logistics and data solutions tailored to enhance operational efficiencies and deliver exceptional value. As the exclusive entity in the UAE with a Commercial License for drone cargo delivery, SkyGo signifies a significant advancement in aerial logistics. This achievement stands as a testament to our strategic partnership between Ethmar Holdings and Apex Investment Company, reflecting our commitment to innovation, excellence, and the advancement of smart logistics solutions in our region and globally.

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Multi-Level Group (MLG) is a leading Fintech company in the MENA region. We specialize in self-service platforms, software development, system automation, and digital transformation. Our strength lies in providing custom payment solutions from start to finish, including payment processing, point-of-sale services, multi-tenant reconciliation, and settlement. MLG is certified by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) for Cash-in-Transit (CIT) under Multi-Level Money Transport Services. Beyond this, we extend our expertise in banking, financial solutions, hardware design, and media solutions through our branch, ‘The Media Middle East.’ With branches in the UAE, Egypt, and China, we’re committed to delivering high-quality products and solutions that support comprehensive Digital Transformation Initiatives.

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TTR, a THC subsidiary, leverages a decade of expertise, specializing in strategic consultancy for government and semi-government entities across the GCC. Our focus includes human capital development, labor market insights, social development, investment promotion, and applied innovation. Envisioning the GCC as a global decision-making hub, we are committed to catalyzing the region’s prominence and ensuring success in the complexities of today’s business environment.

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Sonic Technologies

Sonic Technologies, a THC subsidiary, is emerging in automation tech. Established in 2019, we excel in FPGA-embedded software for precise manufacturing. Our focus includes innovative gas and fire control panels. We specialize in crafting Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) using advanced SCADA systems, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Committed to excellence, we’re rapidly growing, dedicated to revolutionizing control systems through cutting-edge technology.